Keto Thoughts: What if there was a machine that told you what your body knew?

What if you could take a food you were about to eat, step into this machine, it would scan your body, scan the food, and tell you “Yes you should eat this,” or “Nope, you shouldn’t eat that”?

What if this magical machine literally told you how your body reacted to foods…it translated what your body was trying to tell you, but only in a binary sense (yes or no)?  Seems like that would be great info to have if you are trying to lose weight, right? Might take a while to get the hang of “listening” to the machine, and knowing how to ask the right questions, but you’d get the hang of it, eventually.

Now…image this machine, but it only works immediately AFTER the fact…after you’ve consumed said item of food.  You eat the pizza, run to the machine. You step in, it scans your body, and it says “no,” or “yes.”  So you knew, “If I want to lose weight, I need to avoid or limit that food (pizza, in this scenario).”

How helpful would that be to weight loss?

Ok, now imagine, maybe it’s not immediately after you’ve eaten. Maybe it’s in the next day or two. You don’t know for sure, so you have to periodically step in and get scanned to see if the oracle fat loss machine is ready to bestow you with an answer?

What if you already have that machine? What if it’s in your bathroom right now?

This is why I weigh every day.