Intro – Part 4: Transformation and beyond

Through the support of my amazing team: my amazing therapist (whom, probably, I’m supposed to not name. Though, she is seriously the best in Charlotte, NC!), the BEST physical therapist on the planet, the unbelievably supportive team at my fibro dr (special shout out to Latisha, one of the best cheerleaders on the planet!), the supportive staff at the hospital, my insanely supportive (and might I mention, forgiving!!!) family, the most patient boss in the world, and last, but not least, my executive/productivity/life coach, who has tied together all the various threads of my support team and kept me moving forward even when I couldn’t see the path…I have recovered.  Scratch that.  I’ve more than recovered.  I’ve transformed.  Prior to the Lyrica mess, things sucked, but I don’t think I realized how much.  Yeah, I definitely didn’t realize it.  I very much thought *I* was broken, damaged, wrong.  But I couldn’t even conceptualize how to start to fix it all.  There was so much to do, to fix, and I could barely tread water.

Many of the things I have implemented in the last 18 months since the trip to the hospital, (and many of the lessons I learned in the hospital), directly address ADHD symptoms, or at least, the emotional ramifications I feel like come from having ADHD (disappointing others, or myself, etc.).  Several of my wonderful pit crew have suggested I share this info with others.  At one point I described an ADHD intervention I implemented as my “Brainspanx, you know, like a support structure that holds in all my wobbly bits.”  Thus, Brainspanx was born.  I couldn’t have done this without all of the support of all these great professionals, (as well as my husband, my children, my family and friends), and come out on the other side so much healthier and happier without their knowledge-sharing and constant encouragement.  When you read this blog, if I ever write “I,” translate that to mean “I, (with the help/backing/encouragement/guidance of many, many others who are far smarter than me).” Cause that’s the reality.

This blog is a love letter to them, and a life line from them to you (with a detour through my weird sense of humor).  Some ideas came to me, sure.  However, any of those ideas wouldn’t have entered my Adjacent Possible without all the information pulled in from my support systems, webinars, books, blogs, and articles, and even the college classes I ended up taking.  Without encouragement to try some pretty silly things, nothing would have changed.  In all honesty – and I do not feel like this is an exaggeration – I might not have survived the last two years at all.

I’m purposefully keeping most posts super short (hello, ADHD readers!), and give a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) synopsis at the beginning of each main post.  If you have time or interest, I’ll give additional details and some backstory where applicable.

Welcome to my journey.



April 20th, 2018 and April 18th, 2019. 126 pounds gone!




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